Childhood is... (includes linky)

Why don't you join in?  It can be just a special photo of an ordinary everyday thing, it can be a story from your own childhood or a video clip of your child/ren doing something you're proud of.  You don't need to write a new post, you can link an earlier post if you wish.

It's school holidays in our neck of the woods so that also means no kindy.  It's quite difficult for a three year old to get his head around this concept.  Thankfully Granny and Aunty Nicki were on hand to give Elijah a real little holiday.  He even got to see Ben 10 in person at their local mall.  He walked away with a huge promotional poster which now adorns his wall and I managed to find a Ben 10 costume at the local $2 shop type store for $5.  The funny thing is he is more interested in Ben 10 himself than the actual programme - probably a good thing!

The sun also came out this weekend - two days in a row too!  I bet there are thousands of parents out there thanking Mother Nature for this glorious weather.  We spent yesterday morning at the playground.  Gosh he gives me the heeby jeebies sometimes - no fear I tell you.  But I know that is part of growing up and I am determined not to be a coddler.  I let him climb high and will only assist when he asks for help - even then I provide more verbal guidance than physical.

He's learning to choose appropriate clothes but this ensemble had me in tears yesterday morning

appropriate Winter attire???

He did change after I pointed out the pants were a size 4 therefore too big and that he needed a long sleeve tshirt under that vest.  I admire him for trying though.  Today's effort was much, much better with a long sleeve tshirt (even if it was inside out), vest and jeans.  All part of childhood I guess - learning what is and what isn't appropriate.