Updating the kidspace...

After discovering icky mould in Elijah's room I decided it would be a good idea to shift him out of there over Winter because not even the dehumidifier has managed to keep it away.

So I've set up his play space in the corner of the lounge after a bit of shuffling around.  This is about a third of his indoor toys - can you see why I get overwhelmed???  And yes those are dolls you see - two of them boys and one girl.

I also fell in love with Frangipani's natural play space so I've dedicated half a shelf just for wooden toys (he does have more just not pictured)

I also think Megan of Simple Pleasures is onto a good thing having a cupboard to hide her girl's toys and Clare of Green Valley Crafts has some beautiful handmade and thrifted goodies all carefully displayed on shelves.

Are you overrun by toys or do you have the perfect system?  I'd love to hear because quite frankly, we are drowning in toys!