Tired... very tired...

It seems I've run out of energy this week and I'm hoping that by reducing my time on the computer I will have time to recoup.   I'm ridiculously behind in my blog reading, no doubt reader will tell me it's over 1000 posts to go through - I hate missing updates!  I haven't been completely idle though.

My child has a thing about sweatshirts - he won't wear them.  Well he will but as soon as it's on he is desperate to take it off again.  So I made up a couple of sleeveless hoodies from some polar fleece that's I've had for a couple of years.  Normally I'm not a fan of polar fleece but it's very forgiving to sew with!

You'll notice the car one was the first one I tried and the helicopter was the tweaked version.  I used one of his sleeveless hoodies to cut a pattern from.

I really need to get onto repurposing some clothes.  The pile is not getting any smaller!  I also have gotten very far with my quilt - I just haven't had the energy to drive out to Spotlight (not that it's very far away) and I've been a bit of a hermit this week.

My reiki session was... erm... different!  I really felt out of my comfort zone but if I gained anything it was I need to breathe properly.  It may sound stupid and I know there is a blonde joke about a girl with a walkman (yes remember walkmans???) who falls flat after the earphone cords were cut (she was listening to a 'breathe in, breathe out' recording) but seriously, I know I don't breathe properly.  In fact, at times I hold my breath and not intentionally either!  So I go back next Monday for another session.  At this point I will try anything to avoid migraines.