A sneaky peek into Quilt 2...

Elijah is going away for his first long holiday - 5 nights!  Only to Granny's but still it's going to feel like a long time.  I have plenty to do though - like working on my doily/napkin quilt. It won't be quite as big or heavy as the last one I made - I estimated around 120 x 120cm but I'm still undecided on a border so it could be slightly bigger.  You can't see the doilies?  Of course not - I will hand stitch the doilies on once I have machine stitched the fabric (a mix of new and vintage) and napkins together.

My second prize from the Sew, Mama, Sew May Day Giveaway arrived this morning!  When I opened the parcel I was greeted by the most delicious scent.  Johanna of Star-cooked was very generous in her giveaway - she had four winners!   I was super happy that I was sent my first choice - the red and green dyed Romney. I think Johanna is super talented as she spun the yarn herself!  So now I need to learn to knit - and hopefully soon because it's already Winter!

Oh, I forgot to mention what the delicious scent was - Johanna had kindly included some little fragrant sachets that she had also made herself.  I hope that one day Johanna plucks up the courage to start a little shop on Felt or elsewhere.  Thank you Johanna!