Quilt #1 finished....

I'm so glad this one is finished.  Now I can start on the next one - a doily and napkin experiment!  This one I found very big and heavy to sew so I'm thinking I might not use a woollen blanket next time.  This is shown on a King Single bed and even on that it is still quite big.

In other news, I was very lucky during Sew, Mama, Sew's May Day Giveaways.  I won not one, but two prizes!  This is what arrived in the mail last week

I just love it and although I didn't enter a huge amount of giveaways, I was most surprised to win this because there were over five hundred entries!  It comes from Earthgirl Fabrics who stocks a wide range of beautiful, high quality fabrics and patterns.  And if you live in Oz then postage is free!  You will find their blog here.  So a big thank you to Earthgirl Fabrics xxx