Op shop catch up...

I feel like I haven't blogged about my op shopping expeditions in ages but in reality I have still been going twice a week *gasp*
I have been giving myself a budget each time though.  One visit I specifically went for a blanket and walked out with a near new crocheted number
The cute blanket underneath the crocheted one is a vintage continental quilt.  It's a little worse for wear but still very useable.

Some fairly old books - I always thought teaching your baby to read was a fairly new phenomenon - clearly not as this book is over 35 years old

A wee bit of history in the Mr Why & Mr What book

I had seen the Gilbert Harding Question Book at the op shop for a while so I decided to give it a quick scan - it's great!  All sorts of general knowledge type questions.  Published in 1956.

You know what they say about fashion - it goes around and around.  Look at these wee birdies from a copy of Pins and Needles Home Fashions magazine from 1969!

I'm predicting a comeback in children's beach cover-ups - we had them as kids, must be time to bring back the towelling!

The obligatory patterns - they're getting few and far between at my local op shop - I may have to search further afield. 

How about making a pretty crochet pot of flowers?

Can you guess which era this magazine is from?

If you guessed the 80s you'd be right!  How about a crocheted rag rug for your child's room?

Silk ties seem to be a third of the price of polyester ties at out oppie - seems wrong doesn't it?  Elijah and I both agree the paisley tie is the best.  I have plans for these but they may have to wait a bit.

And for just $3 I found an Urban Originals handbag - now if only I had this three years ago, it'd make an awesome nappy bag!

Phew!  I do have a few more things but I'll blog about them another time.