New handbag...

I spent most of yesterday afternoon piecing together a bag for myself.  I searched high and low on the net for suitable bags but I couldn't find anything I really liked.  I like bigger bags - I guess it's a security thing because I only ever carry my keys, wallet and phone.  I thought about what I wanted in a bag - rounded base, narrow opening (so there was no need for a clasp), a splash of colour but not too much and most of all big enough to be practical but not so big that I lose my keys in it.  This is what I came up with

Made from woollen fabric given to me (thanks Mum) and cotton from my scrap pack

I was a bit lazy and didn't measure anything but it has come out the perfect size for me.  If I ever made another one I would take my time doing the strap.  I had so much trouble trying to picture how to stitch it so that when I turned the bag the right way the strap would be the right way.  I completely confused myself but after unpicking it once I sat down and figured it out.

Elijah will be back this afternoon and I have sewing bits and pieces all over the lounge.  I have a reiki appointment this morning which I'm a little nervous about but have been assured that I will feel much more relaxed afterward.  I think it's more a fear of the unknown even though I did google it.  I will try anything so long as I don't have to pop pills!