A name change...

I've been thinking about a name change for a while now and I think what spurred me on even more was something my reiki practitioner said.  I always thought I wanted to reclaim the life I had pre-child hence the title 'Reclaiming Me' when in reality I don't want that at all!

I love being a Mum, especially to such a bright, inquisitive wee man who sometimes drives me up the wall with incessant questioning and constant thirst for knowledge.  My last session focussed on relieving me of some of the emotions surrounding the not so conventional birth.  I really didn't think it would work but I can now talk about what happened without feeling anger, without feeling a sense of loss for the birth I had thought I would have.  I used to look back and think why - why wasn't I listened to?  Now I look back and think it happened and it all turned out ok.  It feels so good to not have that angry feeling.

I have noticed a few other blog name changes and I wanted a play on words - while I'm still going through options my favourite so far is

Recollect & Alter - creating my best life

Why this title?  I don't want to forget my past (hence recollect) but there are things I want to change in my current situation (hence alter) in order to attain a better life.  Make sense?  Any thoughts?  Too boring or been done before?