My new room...

Our house has three bedrooms.  I have been in two of them since we moved here and now I am in the third!  I now have the biggest room in the house!

We are still working on it.  We're not sure if we are going with a theme yet or just mix and match.

Room #1 - Mum went with a pirate theme but I was scared of the skulls and didn't like sleeping in there

Room #1 Granny bought me a Cars duvet and curtains.  I bought myself the toy trays and box with the money I won from having a photo in Lucky Break

Room #2  Mum moved me into the smallest room because she thought it would be nice and cosy in Winter.  It turns out that it is the most damp room in the house and became covered in mould.  She will use this room as a sewing room now.