Catching up...

I've spent the week catching up on housework - boring!  I mentioned in an earlier post that I had changed the rooms around again.  My sewing room is now back in the smallest room in the house - also the coldest!  At least a sewing machine is portable so I can bring it into the dining room if I need to.  So, a week without sewing, but I did make these felt shapes for when Elijah is learning his colours and shapes in Urdu

I made these the night before I posted about felt food finds on Felt.  At the time I was pretty happy with my efforts since I loathe hand stitching, but after seeing what is out there I'm actually quite embarrassed.  Elijah is none the wiser though and loves anything I make him!

I finally bought myself a printer but so far I've only printed off colouring pages for Elijah!

Tonight's dinner - as the weather gets colder, the food needs to get hotter.  I'm not a huge curry eater but this recipe for Goan-style fish and coconut curry looked so yummy!

I also went for my second Bowen Therapy appointment - oh my I love it!  It's so relaxing and I no longer have a sway back.  It's like everything is clicking back into place.  I know I keep promising a post about it - it will come.  I'm a bit tired right now - exhausted actually!

I hope everyone is having a good week - I'm off to meet a couple of blogging Mums tomorrow afternoon (Crazy Crafter NZ and Catalina's Cottage - oh and if you're quick Cat is having a giveaway for her birthday!)