A happily received package...

Last week I was lucky enough to win runner up in Jennie's (a little vintageGiveaway - I love that she asked us to think of what a cushion might say.  Of course there were so many great entries.  A few of my favourites were:
Sit! (Sarah of Dolly Donations - I wish my cushions would tell me to sit!)
It's what's on the inside that counts (Jessica of Bam Bam Creative)
and of course
Relax (Knitty Graffity & Jo Ashcroft)

so I was surprised that my "Don't worry, I got your back" was a favourite.  Anyway, look what arrived in the post yesterday

Beautifully wrapped!

with even better stuff inside!

Of course, I love these cards so much that I'm keeping them all to myself!  I think they would look pretty all framed and hanging in my sewing room (which by the way I am in the process of shifting into the small room that was Elijah's bedroom).  Mum also agreed they were too nice to give away.  Elijah has claimed the one on the right - he thought it was really neat.  Boys.

So thank you Jennie, I hope to see your cards popping up all over the country because they are truly beautiful and a great price!  If you'd like to purchase a doll of Jennie's, some cards or badges, you can do so here or if you'd like a custom made doll using your baby/children's special outfits you can contact her through her blog or email her at jennie.alittlevintage@gmail.com