Feeling pretty lucky...

Monday's are always poor days for me - I'm hopeless at making my money last through the weekend.  So imagine getting all this for free

Left: 180cm round tablecloth
Right: Single bedspread

I paid 50c for the plastic container at a different op shop

Divided Tupperware dish - could be quite handy!

I had to mind the op shop we were in (first time I had been to it!) because the ladies had just swapped shifts and the key to the money drawer had gone home with the first lady.  So instead of shutting up shop to go and retrieve the key, I was asked if I minded watching the shop while she went to get it.  She was only gone about ten minutes but it's a busy little shop!  So in return she gave me not only my purchases but also my sister's (apparently I had to pay for hers because she had no cash) - obviously it made my day.