Childhood is... (includes linky)

I often feel like I forget the stages of life that Elijah has already passed through.  It is just incredible to think that three and a half years ago there was a good chance we might go home without a baby.  He has such a thirst for knowledge that he can 
  • tell the time
  • read, write and spell simple words by sounding them out
  • can draw incredibly complex pictures
  • has a love of colouring in
  • is forming great friendships at kindy
  • enjoys playing 'I Spy'
  • wants to know everything!
I wanted to take the time to note down the simple things that I often take for granted.  The times he sits down with playdough and creates food.  The times he runs around wild and free.  The times he spends with his toys.  The time he spends creating trucks and cars by cutting newspapers.  Life seems so exciting for a child yet I'm missing so much by fussing about how tidy the house is, which it never seems to be!  I expect him to be good because he always has been, but I'm finding at times parenting him quite challenging.  He's bright... maybe too bright for his age but when you see him at kindy he has such great fun just running around with the other boys.

So each week I am going to try to write a post about something Elijah has done during the week.  I encourage you to do the same.  It could just be a picture, maybe a few words - it's really up to you.  

Here is my first post, the next one won't be quite so pic heavy but you get the picture

learning the art of domesticity...

through playdough...

through making something from nothing...

then spending time outdoors....

and jumping on beds...

just for fun!

What does childhood mean to you?
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