Why does it wait for the weekend?

The rain, that is.  It started out a beautiful sunny morning.  By midday our house looked like this

Yep, it felt like bedtime!  It was so dark and having tinted windows really doesn't help.

Elijah seems to have become quite happy running around outside pretending to be Spiderman - can you tell he dresses himself?

I keep meaning to post a pic of this plate.  I think it came out ok but next time I'll take my time.

The skies cleared... eventually but we certainly had our fair share of thunder and rain

I'm also working on my sewing area - still looks really junky to me.  Can you see what I've done with my ironing board?  It was a space saving idea but it's not real clear in this pic.  Will blog about it once I've got the room sorted.

Before I sign off I'd like to remind everyone to be back Monday for Giveaway Day on Sew, Mama, Sew! and be prepared with a cuppa for some quality time blog surfing!