What else is there to do on a Saturday....

I've been trying so hard not to go op shopping - I really have!  This morning we were meant to go to a Garage Sale but when we drove past it was deserted.  I took another look at the sign and it says 2-5pm - pretty cool time for a garage sale, don't you think?  So, we've come home for a cuppa before we walk around there (it's just a few minutes walk away). BUT

How could I resist these?  
Unknown man (any ideas???), The Infanta Maria Margarita by Diego Velazquez and Lady Hamilton by George Romney

I now need to find a special spot to house them.  Shouldn't be hard because they are very small!

A wooden stool for sewing (instead of using a dining chair) which should work out fine considering I spend very little time actually sewing - the most time consuming part being the preparation.

Not really my thing but I felt sorry for it.  Someone has obviously lovingly made this for a baby and the Salvos were selling it for $1 - I'm sure I will find it a home.

Elijah got the bargain today $1 for a box of Betta Blocks - doesn't really need them but at least he didn't feel left out.

Best thing is they fit ordinary Lego - yay!

I also came away with a pile of fabric - nothing too exciting though.  There were a few trinkets there today which I would have liked but I was strong!  Just because I liked them didn't mean I needed them.

Ooh look at that, it's almost 2pm - Garage Sale time!

ETA - we're back!  Well the garage sale was a bit of a fizzer.  Mostly clothes so I grabbed an armful, paid my $5 and walked home.  Most of the clothes I plan to cut up and use the fabric.  There are a few things that I'll keep aside for Elijah - some Guess jeans and a windbreaker for kindy.  If I were a size 8 like the lady selling the clothes I'd probably wear some but I'm not!

this photo is not blurry - it's your eyes :P