The value of op shopping....

I know alot of you will already know that op shopping or thrifting, allows you to get alot of 'stuff' for very little money.  But you have to shop around because not all op shops are alike.  In fact, their pricing structures can vary widely with some items deemed rubbishy by some being priced higher than some more valuable items.

I consider myself quite lucky to be close to some op shops that have very high turnovers.  I thought that I would show those who haven't stepped foot into an op shop, what exactly your money will buy on any given day.  Below are my purchases from three separate op shops.

#1 a (very) small church operated op shop
$1 could get you a cute cup, a pretty doily, a book of patterns, some pieces of fleece, an old school journal and a Japanese text book

#2 A Red Cross store
$4.60 could get you a genuine My Little Pony soft toy, a Kate Finn horse rattle, an Emily the Strange hoody, toy truck (not pictured) and a pretty Windsorware saucer

#3 a Salvation Army Family Store
$24 could get you a new sewing chair, a Winnie the Pooh nursery rhyme book, a book for myself, 26 assorted doilies and napkins, a named cup for Ella (niece), a cute little gingham tablecloth, a Nici Little Wingles soft toy (so cute), a Leapfrog Alphabet Pal, a bright hand knitted hat for Elijah (new) and a stainless steel tea pot

So for less than $30 I 1) had alot of fun & 2) bought alot of stuff!

So, if you haven't been in an op shop lately - go!  You don't know what you're missing!