To ban or not to ban...

myself from thrifting/op shopping?  I wish I had the strength but seriously I have so much fun while out op shopping - and so does Elijah!  I do think that sometimes I go a bit too often - this week we went twice.  Actually we made five visits - twice to the Salvation Army, twice to the little church op shop and once to the Red Cross op shop.  So, what makes me keep going back?

Lots of stuff!

 Children's books are always a favourite

 This one was a freebie - it helps to be friendly ;)  I'm not sure how old it is because it doesn't have a date but it's pretty nonetheless - Hard Times by Charles Dickens

I'm going to learn how to knit - I really am!  Look at those delicious cottons...

 Some lovely Irish linen placemats - I'm assuming they are placemats - they are rectangular.

 Yes, Elijah does quite well out of these expeditions - not pictured is the Hot Wheels track thing that he decided to use in the bath last night
 He was so excited 'I read two pages all by myself Mum!'  The night before we had read together - I taught him how to sound out words.  He's pretty clever and knows all his letters and their sounds - not bad for a three year old


Op shopping is highly addictive!  The upside is that this addiction doesn't cost as much as other addictions (like shoes), it's non-toxic (unlike smoking) and it doesn't make you put on weight (unlike
chocolate).  I feel it's also good for your morale when you walk out with a bargain!  The only downside is you end up with alot of stuff.  But you know how it goes - reduce, recycle, reuse and all that.

I was hoping to sit down and sew sometime today but I'm a sucker for punishment and had Chinese takeaways last night.  I now have a mild migraine - I should have known better!  MSG overdose I think they call it?

Anyway, can't complain.  We have blue skies here today, a few showers but mostly sun.  Just a beautiful Autumn day