Quilt update...

The last few days has seen me hand stitching the nights and mornings away.  As we head into Winter (officially tomorrow I guess) I have realised it's going to be a cold one so we need more blankets!  I started on a quilt a couple of months ago and at that stage I was thinking of selling it once it was finished.  Well all that changed after I spent hours and hours hand stitching!

It is by no means a traditional quilt, more of a piece it together as you go job.  It is far, far from perfect and many experienced quilters may gasp (some may even faint) but when I started this I didn't own an iron!  All it has really cost me is the price of a thrifted woollen blanket (about $5) as I used up fabric from my stash.

 More hand stitching than I realised *sigh*
Inattention meant alot of injuries! 
But I think it will be worth it - it's so heavy it has to be warm!