Online Fabric Purchases

I have always been a little apprehensive about buying fabric online so to put my mind at ease I started off with a couple of scrap packs from Melinda at  Every Spare Minute.  

Firstly, a little bit about the scrap packs.  You can buy them on Trade Me but you have to be quick or you'll miss out!  You don't get to choose which fabrics you receive but you get a clue as to which colour range you will receive designs from.  For example, I chose Teal/Green and Pink/Orange so I got the beautiful fabrics pictured above.  So how much fabric do you actually get?  A combination of three different fabrics totalling no less than 60cm, perfect for small crafts or building up your stash - because you never know when you might need some pretty fabric!

While you're there, take a look at her range or fabrics.  You will find designers such as Amy Butler, Alexander Henry, Patty Young and Michael Miller.  If you're like me, Spotlight only holds it's interest for a while because although their range is huge it is always same old, same old.

I am, by the way, super happy with my scrap pack.  As yet I'm unsure what I will do with them - so I'm opening this up for suggestions.  What do you think?