No kindy today... (and some sewing)

Last night we had more crying than sleeping.  Colds aren't nice for anyone but I think when Elijah gets a blocked nose he panics.  He screams that he can't breathe (when he clearly can because he's screaming) yet he refuses to take medicine or blow his nose.  So after half an hour of trying to convince him he needed to blow his nose, he half-heartedly did.  I popped some Baby Balsam on his chest and he was back to sleep.  He slept until 8.30am and woke in a good mood!

He was so disappointed when I called kindy to say he wouldn't be in, but he understands and doesn't want others to get sick.

With glassy eyes he set about 'sewing like Mum'

It kept him busy for half an hour while I sewed myself a fabric box to keep my fabric scraps in
I used some spare thermal fabric as a layer to stiffen the box (instead of interfacing or cardboard)
Completely reversible
and the perfect size for my scraps

Now, maybe someone can tell me, I saw a blog that had made similar boxes from vintage sheets - do you think I could find the blog I was looking for???  So this one is just a very simple one I made by drawing five squares onto newspaper (yes I use newspaper to make what I call 'throw away patterns' which is why I tend to only make one of each item) in a + shape so there was actually very little sewing involved.