Mother's Day 2010

As usual, Mother's Day goes by just like any ordinary Sunday.  No presents.  No cards.  Just housework, lunch out and an afternoon spent at home.

Lucky for me I participated in a Mother's Day secret Santa type thing organised by a Mummy forum I belong to.  My secret 'daughter' studied my blog to find my favourite mag!  I'm so glad she did.

Yesterday I finally bought myself some plate hangers.  I've been wanting something to hang on the kitchen wall that wasn't busy artwork so plates it is.  Although I should probably go source some more interesting plates!

Elijah and I spent the morning outside shooting some pics for Jacqui of Mee A Bee.  He had alot of fun and we got some nice photos.

I also finished off my towels and cleaned out the hot water cupboard.  So much for relaxing!  I was hoping we'd get out to Piha for the day but that never happened.  Lunch was nice though.  We went to Denny's - I had Minestrone Soup and a Hawaiian Chicken burger (skipped 3/4 of the bun though - it was huge!).  The soup was sooooo good!

Happy Mother's Day!