Kindy Trash to Treasure Sale...

On Sunday we visited the kindy in search of bargains.  I seemed to have left my bargain hunting powers at home though because I actually came home with very little for my $20 but it was all in support of the kindy.

I did need a plate stand due to lack of cupboard space - I didn't need the extra plastic stuff!

A pretty picture for my sewing room (which seems to have slowly migrated back into the dining room - how does that happen???)

books that I don't really need right now - some yummy recipes in the Marie Claire book though

It was a nice day out though.  We met friends that we hadn't seen in so long and met Leesh from Life is a Highway there also (I think she got the better bargains!)  When we left the kindy, Elijah and I went to a local market at a park near us then he spent half an hour playing on the playground.  It was such a beautiful day - too nice to be at home!  Wish I had thought to take the camera though.