From old to new...

This is a project I've been meaning to get into for a while now.  At the beginning of the year my landlord came and repainted my bathroom - white on white, completely white!  It has grown on me now but the problem was my love of white towels!  I must admit I did think about buying new towels but then thought again.  I had paid an arm and a leg for the last ones and even though they are over two years old, they are still in perfect condition.  You get what you pay for with towels and sheets, so I would rather spend that little bit extra.  Just my opinion.

So here is what I did (could call this a basic tutorial but it is mostly common sense)

I cut a length of fabric 10cm wide which allows 1cm either side for turning.  The length you need will depend on the width of your towel - take that and add an extra 2cm for turning.  Prepare your fabric by turning over raw edges toward the wrong side of the fabric (don't forget to wash your fabric beforehand!)

Pin into position.  You could use interfacing but it really isn't necessary - I didn't have any issues with the fabric moving while sewing.

Stitch around the outside edges as close as you can

Easy peasy - all done!