A 'free' rag quilt...

A few weeks ago I was given a huge pile of old pyjamas from my cousin.  Her boys had grown out of them so she thought she'd pass them on.  I went through and picked about seven or eight pairs I thought would see another year and the rest went into a pile to 'repurpose'.

I found a tutorial (with video clip!) on Beverly's which I am guessing is similar to Spotlight here, and I decided I'd cut up the non-wearable pyjamas (some had tops missing, some had lost their elastic, others had holes or missing buttons) and make them into a rag quilt big enough to keep Elijah warm while watching TV during those cold wintery days.

The whole process was really simple and I guess that's why it had been rated a beginners project.  I spent two afternoons and one night working on this but remember I have a 3 year old to tend to whilst sewing.  It could get quite tedious if you decided to make a larger blanket but then I would recommend using larger squares (you'd probably want to buy new fabric) as the squares I used were approx 17cmx17cm so fairly small.  This quilt is just big enough to cover my legs and because it's flannelette it's quite soft.  I imagine if you used new fabric it would be alot nicer.

I don't own a drier so I think this might take quite a few washes before it stops shedding!  I don't mind though because Elijah is excited just to be getting a 'present'.