Circus Quirkus...

A few weeks ago we were give some tickets for Circus Quirkus - a non-animal Circus style show.  On the drive over Elijah was getting a bit nervous about going.  When I asked why he said 'Are there going to be lions?  I don't want them to eat me'.  We explained that there would be no animals, just acrobats and things.  When we arrived Elijah asked where the elephants were.  I told him there were no elephants here, only people doing cool things!
It certainly was a great show and I'd like to point out that it was totally free.  The Rotary Club of Newmarket funded the whole thing by getting sponsors from businesses in the area.  I let Elijah loose with the camera, both at the show and on the drive home - he loves taking photos and I love to see the concentration on his face while he takes them.
Love his artistic shot!

You can sort of see the tumblers

At intermission - alot of people had left the stadium by then

Elijah is fascinated by the Sky Tower - like most kids I guess

Look at that beautiful blue sky!

Another artistic shot

Oh yes he loves McDonalds - we didn't eat there though

It was such a nice day out that we let Elijah have a bit of a run around on a muddy field (eek my worst nightmare is cleaning up a muddy kid)

and he walked away clean!