After hearing someone talk of the online request system, I decided to have a nosy.  I could get used to typing in what I want, requesting it, then waiting for an email saying I could now pick them up.  It couldn't be much easier, especially with small people in tow. 

Today, though, I had dropped Elijah off at kindy for his first day back.  I had been expecting a scene, but he was really good about it and let me leave intact.  I nipped up to the local library to pick up three books I had requested.

Zakka Sewing - a gorgeous book of 25 Japanese crafts
Make! - another Cath Kidston title with some lovely ideas, more of a decorating ideas book rather than a sewing manual.  I love the fact that she makes no secret of being a limited seamstress!
Domestic Bliss - a book I saw on Megan's Simple Pleasures that I've been meaning to read

I have to say I am now completely in love with zakka! You don't know what zakka is???  Well, I didn't know either - until today

 In Japan, all the 'small, various products used in everyday life' are commonly called 'zakka,' a term which encompasses household goods, daily necessities and sundries. However, zakka has also come to represent a style of art and craft that is simple, charming, and of Japanese esthetic. Most items in the zakka style are handmade, but there are commercial companies that mass produce items using the style. The Japanese dictionary describes zakka as "general merchandise", "miscellaneous goods", "sundries", "sundry goods" including interior goods, kitchen goods or even cosmetic product. 

So, here are a few projects you might like to have a go at