A trip to the library...

I seem to be drained of all energy the last couple of days, possibly the cold weather taking effect.  But a quick trip to the local library uncovered a few books that might just motivate me once more.  I can't say I'm overly thrilled with the range of titles available at my local library, so next time we might travel a little bit further (or use the online request system).  Elijah loved running up and down the aisles - he was being quiet though so I didn't mind so much.

I've flicked through the four books I did manage to find - none of them were on my list - and there are some pretty good ideas in them. 

I also bought a little something to start off the giveaway pile - shhh! I 'think' I have another twelve or so posts until then - plenty of time!

Don't forget if you have any ideas for giveaways (this one or in the future) then let them be known here