Saturday Sulk...

I'm still feeling a bit off this morning so have loaded up on echinacea in the hope that it will end this cold as quickly as it started.  Wishful thinking?  I guess they wouldn't sell it if it didn't hold some merit.

We had a bit of rain here this morning and although it has fined up now, the grass outside is all splodgy (is that a word???) so a no-go area for Elijah today.  I decided to use up some scrap pieces of fabric that I've had, hmmm, forever it feels like.  Anyway, I made this

and yep, it is slightly mis-shapen but what baby boy will notice that???  It is an 'Elijah' design - as in I copied one of his pictures to make a pattern.  It has a layer of plastic (from an empty baby wipe packet) so its nice and crinkly too.  I thought that if I kept doing small projects my skills would improve.

 clearly my hand stitching is not!