Need a laugh???

I've been meaning to clear out the cupboard under the sink for a while now.  It seems to be a good place to hide stuff that really should be put back where it belongs (household cleaners) or put out to recycle (empty takeaway containers, etc) but for some reason it is often easier to throw it in that cupboard and forget about it.

So, today, while Elijah was at Granny's house, I pulled everything out and eww those cupboards gross me out every time I look in them.  They are clean but they are also the grottiest cupboards I have had to live with.  It is almost as if the landlord has put them in the 'too hard' basket.  I'm thankful that they painted the bathroom though because that was even worse!

I contemplated lining them with newspaper - hmm my luck I would get creepy crawlies hiding under the paper.  Then I remembered the roll of thermal fabric I've had stashed away for a couple of years.  Not alot of use to me because it is a bit girly for Elijah.

So while they look odd (and I really don't mind if you laugh) I feel better storing my plastics and pots on fabric rather than the icky contact plastic underneath.

And if you're wondering why we are still in this house after moaning and groaning about it - I've been looking for other houses but nothing suitable has come up.  :(