Making do...

Those who know me will know I hate grocery shopping.  After spending a few years supervising checkouts its truly the last place I want to be!  I shop with a list and I shop a MAXIMUM of once a week, even if it means making do without some things for a few days.

So today, after reading a few blogs with baking posts here, here and here I decided to bake.  Ok the last one isn't real food but I thought I'd show you anyway because I think it's just too cute!

So, I decided on Weetbix Slice.  It required butter - I didn't have any.  It required cocoa - there was less than a teaspoon left in the container.  It required baking powder - container also empty!  At least I had Weetbix!  So with a bit of substitution - margarine in place of butter, baking soda in place of baking powder, and choc drops in place of cocoa - we were away.  And you know what?  It may not look the best, but its the most scrumptious, gooiest weetbix slice I've ever made!

pre the butchering I gave it - a little on the pale side but definitely tastes chocolatey enough

mmm see what I mean about butchering it - I'm so impatient and never wait for things to cool down before throwing a knife at them

I also finished off another bag to go on Felt - it's a little different to the one I listed yesterday - a bit deeper so will fit more stuff in it.  I think I'll do a few more bags and then I'll be all bagged out!

I am truly at a loss at what price to list them.  I know I have to take into consideration fees and postage but I think I may have listed this a bit high.  I can't see where to change the price so guess I'll just wait it out for now.