A little sunshine...

will always brighten your day so I was so happy to find a parcel from Megan of Simple Pleasures in my letterbox.

I first came across Megan's blog in January.  She was just starting out but already had some very interesting posts and useful information (so if you're only just checking out her blog now, I suggest you wade back through the posts!)

While caring for two sweet little girls, Megan manages to tackle all manner of craft projects.  Some of my favourites include this personalised pillowcase , this sweet softie and all the little gifts she lovingly makes.
Megan recently set up shop at Felt and has it filled with beautifully made waterproof purses (of which I now own one and can vouch for their fabulousness!).  You will find her brand mousehouse here - definitely worth a browse!

So, a big thank you to Megan for the lovely gift - you really did make my day!  (oh I forgot to mention inside the purse I found some Body Shop nail files and some Clinique take off the day - I don't know how she knew!)