Last day of term...

*sigh*  just as we were getting into a bit of a routine, the holidays roll around.  I can guarantee I am going to be asked every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday if it's time for kindy.  Yeah, that's not going to be annoying.

We had a good day.  Because it was the last day of term, a few of us mothers (the usual helpers) stayed to clean up and give equipment a decent clean.  It's always nice to chat with other Mums, especially because since moving to West Auckland I feel quite isolated.  I miss my coffee group on the Shore!

My Mum and sister came to meet us at kindy then we did the obligatory op shop hop.  I found (well my sister did) a couple of Weight Watchers cook books - some pretty mouth watering stuff in them too! So what else did I find?

some pretty coasters

a new tablecloth

some interesting fabric squares

and a few other bits and bobs.  Nothing overly exciting but then I only spent $5.50 (I had $10 free thanks to my loyalty card!).

My Felt shop is up and running with my first four listings.  Mum has taken Elijah for the night so I will spend Good Friday taking pics of everything else I have and hopefully load it at some stage while he is away.  We'll be going to Mum's for dinner tomorrow night so will bring Elijah home then.

hmm I wish this post could have been a bit more colourful - looks quite drab to me!

Happy Easter everyone - and if you're going away, take care on the roads and enjoy your time away.