When $9 goes a long way...

I am shattered!  Absolutely shattered!

Instead of coming home to housework after dropping Elijah at kindy, I went to Spotlight.  I spent an hour in there and honestly, if I had unlimited $$$, I would have bought alot.  Such great fabrics out this season.  If that's not a reason to take up sewing then I don't know what is (well I do - it's the hugely over priced cushions which are basic to make at home even for an amateur sewer).  So I left the store feeling pretty chuffed with my buys - 1 metre of fabric to make cushions for my bed, 1 metre to make something for Mum's birthday (in May - I have plenty of time to decide!), a Rotary Cutter and Mat (long overdue), a 12 pack of scrapping paper (although I'd love to give scrapbooking a go I wouldn't know where to begin so I'll use this for other crafts) and a hobby knife.  Oh and that's not the $9 I was talking about.

After picking Elijah up (I made it there just in time), we drove to the Salvation Army (I swear I keep them in business!) and found some bargains.  That's where we spent the $9 and got all this
Notice this little guy

I couldn't resist - he made me smile :)

So now to find homes for my finds.  I thought the egg holder was a novel idea although I might have to paint it to bring it up to date - or maybe use my new scrap paper on the ends (it's not like I have to wash it all the time).  The hanging will go in the laundry which is such a blah room and the thermometer in the dining room.

One last pic of my beautiful boy lazing about the other day.  I'm impressed by the amount of shade our teeny tree provides.