What's in that drawer?

Hopefully I'm not the only one who has a drawer like this!  It hasn't been opened since August 2009 possibly earlier than that although I don't actually remember.  I think the contents qualify for the 'I don't need it anymore' pile after that length of time.

oh yep - I actually thought there might be more than this in there.  It looks a lot but its only one layer.  I found this

my phone bill from 2007!  Well I no longer live in Glenfield and I have lived in three more houses since then.

I cleaned out the drawer and it is now home to some of the less played with toys (cool Barbie huh?) so when Elijah has friends to play there is more than just Thomas, Lego and Hot Wheels.

I have another drawer that needs attention but it can wait a little longer.  Do you have a neglected drawer?  What's in it?