Wednesday's Weigh In - Week Three

Weight – 1.4kg lost!!! And a total of 10cm

It probably helps that I’ve been sick since Friday so not a huge appetite although I have eaten a pack of TimTams (terrible I know but I NEEDED them) Clearly they haven’t affected my weight loss this week but I may have to watch what I eat next week. Otherwise I haven’t really been craving sweet, or craving anything for that matter. Food is fuel, and that’s how I’m starting to see it. I know I have a fair way to go before my eating plan is near perfect but I also don’t want to deny myself ‘junk’ because I know I will give in to it in a big way if I know it’s off limits.

So, how was my eating this week??? I could have done a lot better but I’m honestly feeling like crap. It started with a scratchy throat, then went to a raspy cough, now (almost a week later) I have swollen glands and a head cold. I was putting it down to change of season (Summer – Autumn) but I have since heard there is a bug doing the rounds all over the country. So far Elijah has managed to avoid it.

Food Diary

Breakfast – cereal, yoghurt
Snack - skipped
Lunch – salad (chicken, lettuce, red onion, pumpkin, few cashews, French dressing)
Snack – cup of tea, few chips (and I do mean 3 or 4)
Dinner – Sweet & Sour Chicken
Snack - skipped

Breakfast - cereal, yoghurt, cup of tea
Snack – nashi, 10 grapes
Lunch – 3 weetbix, 2tsp sugar, 1/2c milk (yep weetbix for lunch lol)
Snack – 4 vitaweet, 3 homemade waffles (was running out of food in the house!)
Dinner – potato skins with salsa and sprinkle of cheese
Snack – 2 vitaweet

Breakfast – cup of tea, cereal, yoghurt
Snack – 4 vitaweet, nashi
Lunch – chai latte, bite of Elijah’s biscuit (we were out and there was only a café)
Snack – 1 biscuit
Dinner – quiche (spinach & ricotta), chicken salad
Snack – hot choc

Breakfast – cup of tea, cereal, yoghurt
Snack - skipped
Lunch – chicken salad
Snack – cup of tea, 2 small pieces homemade fudge (naughty!)
Dinner – kumara wedges with salsa
Snack – 2 pieces fudge (thank goodness Elijah ate the rest!)

Breakfast – cup of tea, cereal, yohurt
Snack - skipped
Lunch – chicken on rice, salad and HOT chilli sauce!
Snack – cup of tea
Dinner – soup, toast, ½ glass lemon, lime & bitters
Snack – cup of tea

Breakfast – hot choc, honey on toast
Snack – ½ glass lemon, lime & bitters
Lunch – soup with toast
Snack – 2 small pieces fudge (yeah I caved and made more!), cup of tea
Dinner – chicken & corn soup
Snack – hot choc

Breakfast – cup of tea, toast with honey
Snack – hot choc
Lunch – soup with toast
Snack – 4 vitaweet, 1 glass lemon, lime & bitters
Dinner – Maccas! WW approved sweet chilli chicken wrap with diet Coke
Snack – Cup of tea, Tim Tams…………………………….

So while I feel like crap, I'm happy that I actually lost weight and not gained!  Bring on next week I say!