Wednesday's Weigh In - Week Six

I'm pleased to say that I didn't put on weight this week!  I lost 600gm and 4.5cm - not alot but I'm definitely noticing it in the waist.  I'm also finding out my trigger foods - the ones that cause my belly to bloat and go hard like a rock!  And I don't mean hard like a rock in a good way either.  It's quite obvious that white flour is like poison to me BUT I'm a sucker for punishment and eat stuff, like scones, anyway.

Easter this weekend!  I have a nagging 3 year old wanting chocolate and hot cross buns all the time.  Have I bought them?  Yes, we've had a few hot cross buns over the last few weeks and one pack of marshmallow eggs.  I went with the 15 pack Cadbury hollow eggs for an Easter egg hunt - outside weather permitting although that would mean getting up incredibly early.  Elijah is really looking forward to Easter this year which is nice, because I don't think he really got into it last year. 

I haven't seen any Easter crafts come home from kindy which is a bit disappointing.  His portfolio only has an introduction page, which wrongly states he threw a few tantrums in his first week.  Anyone that knows Elijah can vouch that he's not really a tantrum throwing kid - one of the benefits of learning to talk early.  I spoke with another mother and she actually does some of her own pages to add to it.  I'm actually quite annoyed that he has been almost a whole term yet I have no idea what he does there.  He even tells me he just plays around.

This morning he was up at the crack of dawn, so I had him hop into my bed to talk.  I asked him what he wanted to talk about and he said 'can you test me?'  So we played I Spy - he's fantastic with letters and their sounds so is quite good at I Spy.  And being a kid he sees things I neglect to notice.  He's also getting quite good at telling the time - normal for a 3 year old?  Maybe.

I did buy a few more fabrics yesterday.  I haven't decided what to use them for yet so they'll sit in a pile until I do!

My quilt is coming along nicely. I have decided to use a woollen blanket as batting as opposed to the batting sold in Spotlight. I like my blankets to have some weight and warmth. I'm still undecided on whether I will keep this one as it's pretty much a practise or whether I will sell it on Felt - yes I finally set up shop there (haven't listed yet but it's all ready to go).  I'm not sure it is something anyone else will like!  In the meantime I will be listing my sewing from 2008!

I doubt I will finish it today - I will need to finish it by hand and one of the things I don't really like is hand stitching!  Plus there is a load of housework to be done.