Wednesday's Weigh In - Week Five

*sigh* actually make that a really long *sigh*

I gained.  500gms.  I'm not surprised though, just disappointed.

I thought I would be ok not keeping a food diary this week.  I was wrong and I think what makes it worse is that my eating has been so erratic.  I go for long periods of not eating ie skipping morning tea and lunch, then making up for it in the afternoon.  And I know full well that the afternoon is my worst time of day for eating.  Plus Elijah 'made' me buy easter eggs yesterday.  Yeah right!  Like a 3 year can force his 32 year old mother to buy easter eggs against her will.  Proof that you shouldn't go grocery shopping on an empty tum and without a list!

So, from today I will be back to keeping a food diary.