Temporary Art...

I bought a frame from the Salvos the other day - it had no glass just a sheet of cardboard.  I had planned to turn in into a blackboard but until I go get a sheet of ply and blackboard paint, I thought I would put it up on the wall so it wasn't in the way.  I found the fabric at Spotlight in their furnishing department - only $12 a metre.  When I get around to making the blackboard, I'll sew this fabric into a couple of cushions.
Ever wanted to know what 134 Hot Wheels cars looks like (and thats not including all the other cars) - do you think I get tired of picking them up all the time??? Definitely

and tonight's exciting dinner.  Wedges made from baby kumara - oven baked so fairly healthy - and store bought salsa.  I'm not a fan of tomatoes (actually I can't stand them) but I don't mind them in salsa and sauces.

and yes, that's all I had for dinner because I had a delicious chicken salad for lunch! (4 types of lettuce from my garden, red onion, shredded chicken, cooked and cooled cubes of pumpkin, sprinkle of walnuts and dressed with light French dressing - yum!)