Sunrise to Sunset...

If I had thought about it I could have taken pics of both sunrise and sunset, but I didn't, so the title is probably a bit of a misnomer.
I was up at the crack of dawn and had the house cleaned and organised for a change.  I even managed to sneak in a bit of sewing and finally finished another three nappy wallets I had started in 2008!

Mum and Nicky (I know she hates that spelling, but I can't bring myself to use an i instead of y) arrived around 2pm.  The plan was to paint the fence but after afternoon tea (in pretty cups with real tea and home baking), we decided to pop down to the New Lynn Red Cross store.  For those of you near there, they have a sale on clothing so everything is either $1 or $2.  My bag full was $7 although there was nothing too exciting.  Nicky, on the other hand, thought it was wonderful and came out with hundreds of dollars worth of clothes (Billabong, Esprit, etc) for less than $30 - bargain!

The op shop expedition turned into a bite to eat at the mall.  I had a so-so chai latte (I can recommend NOT to buy one from Hollywood in LynnMall - unless you really love warm milk).

Then a quick look around the shops.  Even into Pumpkin Patch to get something for a friend who was having her baby yesterday.  She wouldn't tell me what she was having but I was convinced it was a boy so bought 'him' a little tracksuit. 

I bought some much needed buttons and ribbons (well, maybe not so much needed, but thought they would be useful)

then home again to....

paint another length of fence

starting to look better

looks a bit junky here though

Yes, that's Granny doing the hard work under the tree

Elijah thought riding his motorbike was more useful than swinging a paint brush around

It was dark by the time we finished up, and we had takeaways for dinner while watching Desperate Housewives.  So much for my plans to join the local Weight Watchers (which meets Monday evenings), but I guess I can always start next week.

going to have another little moan about my camera in the hopes that 'someone' might get the hint and buy me a new one - doubt that's going to happen but worth a try

ooh and I totally forgot today is Toss Out Tuesday - we'll have to do that after kindy!