Rock art...

You are probably wondering why I'm on my umpteenth post for the day.  Truth be, if I were organised enough I would have arranged them a bit better.  We are truly having a crafty day at home today.  The weather isn't great - although it's not bad either, just bleh.  Another post I found at Origami Mommy and thought it was a great idea to get the kids involved - at any age really. 

I sent Elijah out to find two of the biggest smooth rocks he could find.  Of course, the first two he came back with were rough stones from the driveway!  So after explaining why they needed to be smooth, he went and found some pretty decent ones.  I've cut little mushrooms out of some pretty ugly fabric from the Salvos.  Just glue and your away.  I will have to get something to seal them but at this stage I'm not too worried.  Elijah has yet to make his - he fell asleep on the couch before he had a chance to do anything.  Poor wee soul must be exhausted.

I wonder how Elijah will decorate his?