Petit Pincushions...

I came across a cute little blog yesterday called Origami Mommy.  I noticed she had a tutorial on tiny pincushions so I bookmarked it.  This morning when I checked my emails I notice Renee had sent me a link to Sew Many Ways, who also happened to have a tutorial for these wee pincushions.

A sign? or uncanny coincidence?

I have never really been into pincushions but thought I'd give it a go anyway.

So here is my attempt with very vague instructions

First, glue ribbon, ric rac, etc around a clean and dry drink bottle cap.  Peg and leave to dry.

Trace around a glass (for a soft drink bottle cap) or a small bowl (for a milk bottle cap).  Cut out :)

Stitch loosely around the outer edge of the circle (sorry pic isn't clear).  Stuff and pull cotton tight to form a ball.  Stitch together and you should end up with something like

Put a dab of glue in the lid and press the ball you have just made (sewn side down of course!) and you should have

the finished product.