Past sewing projects...

If only I had a girl!  A couple of years ago I was on a real sewing buzz.  I made nappy wallets, tag blankets, bibs, lounge sets, dresses, skirts and mini aprons.  Sadly they are all still sitting in a box in my wardrobe.  I had intended to sell them at the markets one day but, well, I guess I just lacked the confidence to do so. 

The following were a couple of basic pieces I made with thrifted sheets from the Salvation Army (yes I go there alot!).  I'm actually quite annoyed at myself for throwing the rest of the sheet out - especially the sheet with the purple flowers.  I really liked that fabric!
Well, nothing more than sharing here, but if you know a little girl who would wear something like the above let me know via the comment section and they may just be sent out to you!

BTW the pants would fit around a 2-3 year old and the dress will fit a 2 year old as a dress and older girls as a top (plenty of room for a skivvy underneath for Winter)