My fabulous finds....

ok so not a word that you would ever hear me speak, but I really am pleased with what we found this morning.  Especially the Noritake set (although incomplete) which I had a quick look for on eBay - someone in the UK is selling single cups for £4.99!  Enough said.  Now I know you want to see the pics - please note I have the crappiest camera around.

all for $26.50!

Noritake Progression China 9044 ($5 for 10 pieces)

I have always wanted one of these! ($3)

small glass bowls perfect for fruit (50c each)

I originally thought this was worth it for the frame alone but the print is starting to grow on me ($6!) - maybe I'll hang it in my sewing room (that I am slowly reclaiming!)

ok so these aren't secondhand but I thought they were pretty and I'm sure I could find a use for them - the container I'll use for storing pins (I do have a pin cushion but it won't hold all my pins)

somehow Elijah always ends up with something for free - I think that is why he likes op-shopping so much!

On our way home we called into the church op-shop - I consider this a real op-shop!  One where you have to sift through alot of rubbish to find the treasures.  I found this old copy of Grimm's Fairytales - 211 tales!

the lady at the op-shop felt bad charging 60c for it - now that's what I call a real op-shop price!

So a very successful morning - now I just need to find homes for everything!