Identity crisis....

Yes, I am having an identity crisis today.  Well, not really but as soon as I decided I like all things pretty like flowers and fine china, I find these
they look like they have never been used!  Ok so they are probably not everyone's cup of tea but I think they're pretty cool!

an old tablecloth - I wasn't really sure whether to get this or not.  It has character - when I say character it means a small hole or two and a few marks!

some really hideous pants!  But I thought the fabric could come in handy for something.

How could I not get this???

A pretty cool book about wheels.

Vintage patterns - no idea if all the pieces are there but at 5 for $1 it really doesn't matter!

Ok, so I didn't buy these.  I finally joined the library!

So, I was pretty busy during the time Elijah was at kindy.  I can't tell who is more tired this afternoon but I could so easily go lay out in the sun and close my eyes.  Today has been the most beautiful day - blue skies, sunshine and a cool breeze, just perfect!