I know, I know....

I shouldn't have been anywhere near an opshop today (still battling a cold) BUT yesterday I spotted a whole lot of goodies in the Red Cross shop BUT it was Sunday and therefore closed.  So I HAD to go back.  I'm so glad I did though.  I spent a whole $6 and got the following
Yes they were having a sale!  So most things were under $1 - even the little cushion was 20c.  I wish I had a decent camera because the cushion has alot of character!  And the Animal Stories book has cute illustrations
A selection of plates - anyone who knows me will know I change dinner sets frequently so I thought I'd save myself some money and try secondhand dinner plates - the two with the bold green rims are Country Road :P
I picked up this book because it was a favourite when I was little - I recognised the cover straight away then when I opened to the first page, memories flooded back
This small framed picture, although a bit battered and bearing age spots, was quite fitting (I thought).  It is by Auckland artist, Don Nathan.  I have no idea of age but it was when Auckland phone numbers only had 6 digits!
The fan I picked up for no reason really other than it being old and pretty