I finally set up shop...

at Felt that is.  After alot of procrastinating I signed up, topped up the account and have just placed my first four listings.  Of course, I need to wait for admin to approve these so technically there is nothing showing on my page yet.  But you get a sneak peak of what is listed and I will need some advice, so feel free to let me know what you think.

ETA: this wee paisley outfit is not in the box!  I don't remember selling it or giving it away though eek terrible memory.  I have replaced the listing though with another boy's outfit - also with tie! (see above)

Yep, I'm the mean Mum that makes her two year old model girl's clothes!  So I have priced these at $20 a set - too much?  What would you charge/pay?  I made these in 2008 which is why Elijah looks so cute!