Family time...

Sundays are for family.  In my opinion.  We usually go out for lunch.  This week we decided on Denny's.
Elijah managed to eat his basket full of nuggets and curly fries

They had free face painting, but I didn't think Elijah would like that so he got a balloon instead.
Don't be fooled into thinking he's napping - I think I have a real actor on my hands.  Actually we were just bored waiting for Dad to pick up some DVDs.
Some pics from the ride home
I thought this one was quite random
Cafe Whare Kai - I wonder if there food stands out as much as their signage.
Parrs Park Market - we've been once but it's very small
There was a playground here.  I hope they replace it!
Trees for Babies, where families are invited to plant a tree on behalf of your baby

Then home again where I got all the housework done (we had left it in quite a state!), mowed the lawns, sprayed the weeds on the driveway and even managed to half make a wee doll