Our first ever BBQ...

I have never owned my own barbeque so when I saw one on special for $35 I thought I might give it a go.  Obviously its a small charcoal one but, in my opinion, the food tastes soooooo much better than on a gas barbeque.  Only downside is that I now smell like a BBQ!

It was also good family bonding time.  First we had to out it together, then get it lit (which took a little longer than expected), then cook the food (chicken & herb sausages and garlic sprinkle koftas).  Elijah isn't a big eater but he did manage a whole sausage and a roti.

nothing like a barbequed sausage!

homegrown salad! 3 types of lettuce, basil and parsley

couscous salad - I can never get it to look pretty but it tastes great!

So we will probably make Sunday BBQ day because its the only day we are all home.  Unless Mum and Nicky want to come over during the week to paint the fence *wink wink*