Monday - always a fresh start....

It's Monday!  In terms of FlyLady this means I must complete my weekly 'home blessing'.  Well actually its something I 'want' to do rather than something I 'must' do.  It's simple really - the general rule is to spend ten minutes on each 'job' which is like a general once over to keep your cleaning up to date.  Its quick and precise so you don't need to spend the whole day 'planning' what needs to be done.  Great for procrastinators - of which I am probably one.

I have a few clothes that need mending and a bag full of unfinished prjects that I'd like to work through.  Hmm I wonder what I can get Elijah to do in the meantime so I don't get distracted every two minutes.  Don't get me wrong, I love playing with him but I'm just not that into cars and trains! Oh and I'm almost 33 so probably no longer classed as a child!

We also have to bake today.  I haven't decided what yet but maybe some of the Gooey Lemon Slice I made last week - sooooooooo yummy!  Possibly gingernuts for Elijah to take to kindy.  He just loves choc chip cookies and choc muffins but its on the no no list for kindy (although seeing what some of the other Mums pack I can't see a choc chip cookie being any worse!)  I wonder if I'll be able to leave him on his own this week.  I don't want to push it and force him to stay and cry in case he ends up hating it :( His first week didn't go so well.  I stayed with him on Day 1.  I know there were four children starting that day but I was the only parent who stayed so I assume the other kids are used to be in some sort of care.  Day 2 I left after 15 minutes and arrived 3/4 of an hour before home time so really I was only gone an hour and a half.  When I was walking up to the gate I saw he was happily pushing a truck around outside near the teacher but was so pleased to see me.  He had apparently been waiting by the gate for me :( - he told me he had cried a little bit but he must have hid it well because none of the teachers saw him crying.  Day 3 he was so tired from having a late night the night before so was grumpy before we even go to kindy so I stayed the whole time.  Even with me there he was quite tearful.  Here are a few pics from his first day.

fireworks - it may look like just scribbles but he was very carefully mixing colours and painting

the teachers were impressed by this 'alien' and the fact that he can already write his name

he has just started to colour in - before it was just drawing cars, trucks etc - he tries so hard to stay within the lines

Oh yes we made it to the Zoo today!  What a beautiful day for it.  The only downside was half the animals were in hiding but we saw the majority of what we wanted to see.  All the impressive animals - giraffes, zebras, rhinos etc.  It's a shame the lions were sleeping and the cheetahs were nowhere to be seen (they are real performers usually - they come straight up to the glass).  I think Elijah was more interested in following the bigger kids along the dragon (the same one we used to play on as kids).  And he finally went down the big slide by himself.

I'm actually sitting in bed writing this and I'm just looking at a few small piles of 'stuff' (well actually its clutter but stuff doesn't sound quite so naughty lol) I'm wondering if there are certain areas in a house that attract clutter more than others.  I know for definite my bedroom is one of those places that came with a clutter magnet.  The dressers in particular and the bedside table.... and actually the area surrounding the bedside table.  I might have to add a 15 minute declutter session to my list to do today.

One last thing :)  We watched Secondhand Wedding for the umpteenth time last week.  Great movie and best of all its NZ made!  Elijah loves garage sales so I promised to take him to one on Saturday morning.  We didn't make it to the one advertised in the paper but found a few on the way which satisfied his garage sale needs (lol he's 3 years old!)  He got a bargain - a real Transformer for 50c

I also found some great old tins for Xmas presents (yes I know its a long way away but I like to plan ahead), a sweet old Mary Lou doll, a glass bowl, a huge square cake tin and some Tupperware.  It was stuff we didn't need but what else can you do on a Saturday morning for less than $10???

Well I have stripped and remade the beds and have washing in the machine so not bad for almost 9.30am - breakfast time! then onto my 'home blessing'