I had been hearing a bit about marimekko and I know some of you will recognise various designs even if you've never heard of the brand itself.  Marimekko is a Finnish company that produces high quality fabric, clothing, bags and more.  Well, a couple of weeks ago Elijah and I went to a $1 sale at a Salvation Army.  I saw some blue and white striped sheets I thought were doubles so would be perfect for Elijah's bed (he has a king single).  They looked in good condition so I piled them into the bag along with clothes for everyone bar myself.

When we arrived home we examined our goodies and sorted them into washing piles.  Then I noticed the tag on the sheets.  Yes they were marimekko and they were queen size!  Now I don't have any duvet covers that match blue and white stripes but I put them on my bed yesterday anyway.

The cotton blanket is also a Salvation Army find - I think I only paid $2 (it was a half price sale of blankets so I bought a few)

These were by far the most comfortable sheets I've ever slept in and they're 35 years old!  So now I know what all the hype is about.  Marimekko has been added to my wish list starting with the one below for Elijah.